Since 3D printing is the future, and Christmas is just approaching, why not combine them both with these great ideas for Christmas 3D printing?

If you haven’t experienced the pleasure of creating through 3D printing, you’re missing out. The fact that you can turn almost any 3D model of reasonable size into a real-life object is amazing and perfect for the Christmas season – both for decoration and gift.

The days around Christmas and New Year always bring with them a special magic that cannot be described in words, but therefore everyone can feel it and draw inspiration and new powers. The hope for a better future lives in each of us, and what better time to give it an image and shape than the Christmas-New Year holidays!

To create the right atmosphere and mood every year we decorate our homes and build a focal point with Christmas trees, toys and garlands, waiting for the wonderful holidays. We try to preserve the traditions, but often times we will want to „unhinge the Christmas spirit“ and think about something special, something that is only our idea and its craftsmanship will bring us real satisfaction.

The creative potential is in every one of us. You can give it an expression with the manufacture of decorations for Christmas and New Year yourself in many ways. For example, make paper snowflakes and garlands, Christmas toys, napkins and all that. But you can also take advantage of the huge opportunities you have opened up to humanity 3D printing and indulge in creative activities related to 3D printing, 3D modeling,  prototyping and express your individuality in an even more modern and original way.

Besides your home, through the capabilities of modern 3D printing, you can diversify your office, retail space or other business space in an unusual way. If in the pre-New Year’s commotion, it suddenly occurred to you that if you decorate the office space or add something personal to the decoration of the corporate area, the work process will work better and people will visit the place with pleasure, then it is time to act.

Perhaps even already in your head has a clear idea of certain elements of décor that you want to design on a 3D printer? You even have an idea of where they will be placed and how they will refresh the atmosphere, adding more festiveness?

And if you don’t have enough time for 3D modeling, you can also buy ideas from the things that other fellow enthusiasts have created. Here are some interesting and original options for embodying the Christmas spirit in the interior of your home or office.

Christmas decorations on a 3D printer

3Dmodelling of the gyroscopic star

The star is the main attribute of any Christmas tree, but if you want to give it an even more original look, you can combine several stars into one. This way you will get a unique mobile decoration. When assembled, the gyroscopic star looks just like the usual one, but if you rotate each part along its axis you will enjoy a unique geometric shape.

In addition, each element can be painted in different colours or printed with multicoloured plastic.

3Dmodelling of gyroscopic snowflake

It is done in the same way. Several elements can easily rotate around their separate axis, and then colour a wish with silver paint or varnish.

3D printing – garlands for Christmas and New Year

The creators of this decoration have come up with a great way that will allow you to experiment with length as much as you wish for yourself. Such garlands can decorate Christmas trees of any size. Each item is printed on a 3D printer separately and then fastened to each other – you can use a variety of ways to connect them.

With the help of 3D printing, 3D modeling, prototyping you have unlimited opportunities to design any kind of other Christmas decoration. To inspire you, even more, you may like one of our Christmas cookie forms:

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