How to use Vansi3D Platform


Registration and Managing of Seller Store


From the second section of Vendors you can apply to create a​​ seller account​​ as shown up right on the top bar.​​ 

  • Registration of Seller Account

  • Login to the Dashboard of Seller (After successfully registration.)

  • Special Vansi3D packages for Sellers

  • List of Active Seller Stores of Vansi3D

This menu section helps Sellers to see their packages, open new seller accounts and manage their stores. Sellers of Vansi3D​​ (they)​​ have special control panel where they can manage all operations of their store.​​ 



Seller Registration Approvement

Sellers are applying to sell their products on Vansi3D platform by registration of Seller account button from the right top side. After the application is completed,​​ within 48 hours we are checking your candidate and​​ will send you by mail the​​ results if your candidate is​​ approved or rejected. If your approvement is rejected, you will see reason of rejection. When you send candidate information be sure that all your personal information​​ is correct.​​ 

If your candidate is​​ approved, you can login from the link called “Login” to the Dashboard of Seller with your password that you get by mail. If you have any problem by logging to your dashboard please contact with us via mail or by phone that we have on contact us page.


Approved Sellers

If your account has been approved, please login to your dashboard and add all information needed for your store. You can use keywords of your products as well. It will help your store to index better on google search engine.​​ 




How can customers contact with SELLERS?

Customers can contact sellers via our “Contact SELLER” widget. Contact form is on the right side of Seller page. Customers can send message to Sellers.


Adding Products to your store

After you​​ complete store information, you can start adding products to your store. Especially important is​​ that you will add all information needed for your products that customers get all information. It will help your customers to understand better about your products.