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Join the market for 3D products, 3D projects and ideas.

Make it easy to sell online – for the first 3 months you will pay 10% for each product or service sold. Then you have the right to choose one of the packages we offer.

Plans for every budget, taste and idea

VanSi 3D offers you 3 types of subscription plans, each of which is split into 2 additional plans. Which subscription you prefer depends on you and your plans to sell 3D products. You receive the amount of the sale in your wallet after an automatic deduction of commission.

The money you have collected in your wallet can be transferred to your bank account at any time, and the transfer fee depends on your bank’s tariff. The subscription plans are monthly. Depending on your preferred subscription, the percentage of VanSi 3D is different. Each Trader has the right to switch to a higher package at any time, but the opposite will be possible after the current one has expired. Subscription plans provide you with support, advertising, and a guarantee of compliance with our responsibilities related to your expectations.

Bronze 1 – 20% commission on the sale of each product. You sell freely, without committing to any monthly fees.

Bronze 2 – 17% commission on the sale of each product + a monthly fee of BGN 2.50.

Silver 1 – 15% commission on the sale of each product + a monthly fee of 5 BGN.

Silver 2 – 10% commission on the sale of each product + a monthly fee of 15 BGN.

Gold 1 – 5% commission on the sale of each product + a monthly fee of 50 BGN.

Gold 2 – 2.5% commission on the sale of each product + a monthly fee of 100 BGN.

Save up to 10% by paying a fee for 3, 6 or 12 months

You can check out our offers for 3, 6 and 12 month packages. When paying for any of these packages, you receive a 5%, 7% or 10% discount on the monthly fee. Ie if you have selected the 12 month bronze 2 package you will pay a fee of BGN 27. Keep in mind that choosing to pay on an annual basis (12 months) guarantees you the lowest monthly fee.

Subscription packages have one purpose – to provide you with the best choice. Our recommendations are to think carefully about which packages will be the most profitable and most useful for you. We do not limit the rights of our Merchants with our packages. Everyone has the right to get the best for him.


Share your products and designs online with buyers! Leave the difficulties of selling online to us, concentrate on creating and managing your business. Open your store in minutes!

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