5 useful YouTube channels for developing more knowledge about 3D Printing

5 useful YouTube channels for developing more knowledge about 3D Printing

3D printing can be learned thanks to different digital channels. If you want to complement your knowledge with more dynamic content, some very original 3D printing channels are available on YouTube and can spark your interest.

When you have a desire to develop, you will always find an opportunity to realize your needs. Do not cease to develop and dream. Whether you’re looking for technical or fun videos, see the following 5 YouTube channels:

Thomas Sanladerer

If you had to choose a single channel on which to base your entire study of 3D printing, Thomas Sanladerer would be a great choice for you. His channel offers universal content for 3D printing on YouTube. On the one hand, the guides and tips it offers will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of many topics, from materials to software. On the other hand, Thomas’ reviews will give you valuable tips for your 3D printer and material purchases.

Credit: Thomas Sanladerer, Making strong shelves with typology optimization, YouTube

CNC Kitchen

The technical themes for 3D printing can be presented on YouTube, and CNC Kitchen is proof that such content can be produced differently. If you want to develop your knowledge about setting hardware for 3D printing, as well as for parameter settings, CNC Kitchen covers various technical themes in a very thematic and accessible approach.

Credit: CNC Kitchen,Threaded Inserts in 3D Prints – How Strong Are They?, YouTube

3D Printed Tabletop

If you want to enjoy 3D printing combined with a dose of fantasy, 3D Printed Tabletop is definitely your channel. What makes this channel unique is its specialization in desktop thumbnails and other parts used in these games.3D Printed Tabletop can not only help you get favorite 3D characters printed, but can also help you improve the quality of your FDM 3D prints thanks to the many tips, tests and comparisons of settings it offers.

Credit: 3D Printed Desktop Plate, What Is a 3D Printed Desktop Plate (Channel and Trailer Introduction), YouTube

3D Maker Noob

Do you like watching long-format videos? If you have a time to fill, 3DMN offers extensive add-on videos to study 3D printers in detail. This channel is particularly interesting with its videos, in which you can watch the full construction and testing of different ranges of 3D printers. Some of 3D Maker Noob’s videos also include shorter videos focused on different topics, such as specific parts design.

Credit: 3DMN, Impressive Fireworks Lamp – Design Contest with MyMiniFactory and CraftUnique, YouTube


3D printing can also be the basis of many relaxation videos. If you want to enjoy 3D printing from a more artistic point of view, Wildrosebuilds will reveal to you many diverse and aesthetic parts that are printed through a 3D printer, and is very pleasant to watch.

Credit: Wildrosebuilds, great 3D prints on the Monoprice MP10 3D printer (timelapse octolaps), YouTube

We hope that these YouTubers we presented will help you deepen the 3D printing themes that interest you. If these parts of the content we’ve looked at give you a little inspiration for your next 3D printing project, you can use our 3D printing service.

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