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Modern industrial revolution 3D printing is an innovation that enables people from all over the world to design their own consumer products. Even if a person does not have the right equipment, access to 3D printers (through online services) is much more widespread than with conventional manufacturing techniques. Offering efficiency, customization and accessibility to affordable … Прочетете още

Three-dimensional printing

Three-dimensional printing or 3D printing is a modern technology for printing (manufacturing) of a three-dimensional solid object with any shape using a digital model. It is implemented as an additive process, applying successive layers of material so as to form the desired object. In this sense, three-dimensional printing is radically different from traditional techniques, in … Прочетете още

Ние и нашите партньори използваме технологии като “Бисквитки” за персонализиране на съдържанието и рекламите, както и за да анализираме трафика на сайта. Бисквитките ни помагат да подобрим нашите услуги. Изберете “Приемам”, за да приемете използването на тези технологии. Научи повече

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