How to choose the right consumables for 3D printing – for starters?

3D printers are now everywhere – in workshops, apartments, offices, classrooms and more. The 3D printing itself is a technology for the production of a product model, built by the method of layer construction of a three-dimensional object, in the process of which various consumables for a 3D printer are used – ABS plastic, PLA plastic, … Прочетете още

CAD tools for ideas, imaging, prototyping and product engineering

Part three Rhino 5 Rhino 5 for Windows and Mac helps product engineers create, edit, analyze, document, render, animate and translate NURBS curves, surfaces and solid particles, cloud dots, and polygonal networks. One of the most versatile 3D modelers available, Rhino practically removes limitations in complexity, degree and size. Main functions: Affordable, seamless freeform 3D … Прочетете още

How to make the best choice for а 3D printer

Choosing a 3D printer requires good pre-preparation because the number of different models is so large that such diversity has a confusing effect, especially for beginners. In any case, when you are striving to make the best choice for a 3D printer, the first and mandatory condition is to be aware of what you really … Прочетете още

5 useful YouTube channels for developing more knowledge about 3D Printing

5 useful YouTube channels for developing more knowledge about 3D Printing 3D printing can be learned thanks to different digital channels. If you want to complement your knowledge with more dynamic content, some very original 3D printing channels are available on YouTube and can spark your interest. When you have a desire to develop, you … Прочетете още


Ideas for 3D printing you can use for Christmas

Since 3D printing is the future, and Christmas is just approaching, why not combine them both with these great ideas for Christmas 3D printing? If you haven’t experienced the pleasure of creating through 3D printing, you’re missing out. The fact that you can turn almost any 3D model of reasonable size into a real-life object … Прочетете още

The development of VanSi3D in the business environment

In recent years, 3D printing has completely overturned the idea of creating and managing a business. On the world market, numerous companies have appeared, offering a variety of new products and services made on 3D printers designed for every part of the economy. This is the inevitable consequence of a minimum of thirty years of … Прочетете още

Improving the production process through 3D prototypes

Creating a prototype can sometimes be an expensive and slow process. Luckily for you, 3D technology will help you improve the product development process, allowing you to make high-quality prototypes quickly and efficiently. 3D printing is the perfect solution for developing your prototypes. As you begin to develop your project using 3D printing, you will … Прочетете още

3D printing-basis for innovative business models

Production using 3D printing helps shape the business models of tomorrow. In fact, using 3D printing is not just a matter of getting a good prototype or nice and fun finished 3D print parts. Additional production offers new advantages, allowing you to build innovative business models. These ideas for new business models could inspire you … Прочетете още

Software for 3D projects, products, designs and engineering

  Part 5 ZBrush 4R7 Pixologic presents the ZBrush 4R7, a complete digital sculptural solution. ZBrush includes ArrayMesh, NanoMesh and ZModeler with QMesh to support the creative process from the initial creation to the final improvement of works of art.   Main functions: Optional 64-bit support for full use of your machine’s computer power and … Прочетете още

3D printing tips to follow

If you are already using 3D printing, this blog post will help you optimize your experience, save money and get the best possible 3D printed project. What are the best 3D printing tips for 3D printing lovers and professionals? Let’s find the checklist you need to follow to get the best 3D printed object possible. … Прочетете още

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