Part three

  1. Rhino 5

Rhino 5 for Windows and Mac helps product engineers create, edit, analyze, document, render, animate and translate NURBS curves, surfaces and solid particles, cloud dots, and polygonal networks. One of the most versatile 3D modelers available, Rhino practically removes limitations in complexity, degree and size.

Main functions:

  • Affordable, seamless freeform 3D modeling tools to model any shape you can imagine
  • Accuracy of design, prototyping, engineering, analysis and production of almost everything
  • Compatible with other software for design, drawing, CAM, engineering, analysis, imaging, animation and illustration
  • It is fast and does not require special hardware


  • Commercial Rhino 5 for Windows, single user: $ 995
  • Commercial Rhino 5 / Flamingo / Penguin / Bongo package: $ 1695
  • Rhino / Brazil package: $ 1495
  • Rhino 5 / Flamingo Package: $ 1,295
  • Commercial Rhino 5 for Mac, single user: $ 695


  1. Patchwork 3D

Lumiscaphe-powered 3D CAD modeling software Patchwork 3D transforms CAD data into photorealistic 3D models for industrial use. Product engineers use Patchwork 3D to use real-time rendering to shorten design cycles.

Main functions:

  • Fully configurable sunlight for real-time lighting without or in addition to light cards
  • Real-time material editor
  • Top-class surface unfolding algorithms are unique to industrial applications
  • Supported CAD support provides interactive NURBS tessellation

Price: FREE trial available; Contact for an offer


  1. Onshape for professional designer teams

The first and only full-cloud 3D-CAD system that allows collaboration with team members using any web browser, phone or tablet, Onshape for Professional Design Teams enables to use a software tool for 3D CAD modeling anywhere, anytime. Onshape is designed specifically for today’s flexible design teams.

Main functions:

  • CAD for enterprises
  • Real-time deployment and access
  • Real-time data management
  • Real-time analysis and control

Price: FREE trial available for 21 days; Contact for an offer


  1. KeyCreator Direct CAD

KeyCreator Direct CAD is a 3D modeling software for engineers, designers, manufacturers and analysts looking for a fast, flexible solution for creating, modifying, analyzing or communicating a mechanical part of the design. With KeyCreator Direct CAD, users quickly produce 3D design concepts without any restrictions.

Main functions:

  • Change almost any geometry, as if sculpted with clay
  • Eliminates recovery errors by creating real-time geometry
  • Adds precision with sophisticated modeling tools
  • Import CAD models from other software packages and edits directly to the geometry
  • Export CAD files in multiple formats

Price: Contact offer


  1. Solid Edge ST9

A portfolio of affordable software tools for the product development process, Solid Edge is easy to use and helps product engineers at such stages of the process as 3D design, simulation and production. Solid Edge ST9 provides unparalleled flexibility and excellence. A tool with the cloud capabilities that modern product engineers need.

Basic functions:

  • Improvements in synchronous technology
  • Easy collaboration using popular cloud-based file-sharing software and the ability to work offline
  • Fast, flexible 3D modeling with industry-leading parts modeling and assembly tools that remove the limitations of traditional CAD software
  • Built-in instant search data management, easy revision and management of editions and optional cloud-based aggregation

Price: FREE trial

  • Design and production: $ 100 / month – Basic 3D CAD and support package
  • Foundation: $ 230 / month – Full 3D CAD and support package
  • Classic: $ 290 / month – Advanced 3D CAD and support package
  • Premium: $ 420 / month – 3D CAD and support package
  • Permanent licenses: Contact an offer


  1. SketchUp

Product engineers looking for a 3D drawing tool that is ideal for a quick idea often choose SketchUp. Intuitive and powerful, this 3D modeling software tool also allows rapid iteration and helps users create immersive visualizations and generate documents for presentation.

Main functions:

  • Draw lines and shapes, and then press and drag surfaces to turn them into 3D shapes before stretching, copying, rotating, and drawing to make any product.
  • Convert 3D models to drawings
  • Uses 3D models from 3D Warehouse, the largest library of free 3D models in the world

Price: SketchUp Pro: $ 695


  1. AutoCAD Mechanical

AutoCAD Mechanical is a product design software that includes the functionality of AutoCAD libraries with standard parts and tools for driving mechanical CAD. With more than 700.00 standard parts and support for international design standards, AutoCAD Mechanical is complete software for 3D CAD modeling.

 Basic functions:

  • Isolation and restoration of the groups of layers and indication of the line type
  • Create rectangles from the ribbon
  • Create accurate drawings with standard components using more than 700,000 standard parts and functions
  • Documentation of 3D CAD models
  • Mechanical tools for repeated drawing, described in detail
  • Create and save custom content with the custom content library

Price: FREE trial available for 30 days


  1. SpaceClaim

Regarded as „the fastest and most innovative 3D modeling software in the world,“ SpaceClaim helps product engineers design the way they think. SpaceClaim is a fast and flexible 3D tool that makes it easier for users to reach the market faster.

Basic functions:

  • Complete modeling of parts and installation
  • Detailed drawings include full 2D / 3D GD&T
  • Capable of photorealistic imaging with Keyshot
  • Open and edit files from neutral and natural CAD systems

Price: FREE trial available; Contact for an offer

  1. DesignCAD 3D Max

DesignCAD 3D Max is a versatile CAD 3D modeling software that is ideal for beginners and professionals alike. The award-winning software, DesignCAD 3D Max is also a 2D CAD solution that has the power to create high-quality designs, simple renderers and animations.

 Basic functions:

  • New file interoperability
  • Better management of blocks, symbols and image files
  • General-purpose 3D CAD tool for creating precise, high-quality 2D designs, 3D models, renderings and animations
  • Complete set of powerful 3D modeling primitives such as box, sphere, hemisphere, pyramid, cylinder, cone and torus
  • Uses Boolean operations, including solid addition, tight subtraction and cutting, to shape 3D parts
  • Settings for 3D view, 3D primitives, 3D editing operations (hard) and 3D visualization

Price: FREE trial

  • DesignCAD 3D Max 2016 package: $ 199.99
  • DesignCAD 3D Max 2016: $ 99.99



CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE is a leading design and experience solution of Dassault Systèmes, the company 3DEXPERIENCE. Product engineers choose this 3D CAD software to develop products that people around the world use every day.

Basic functions:

  • Modeling each product in the context of its behaviour in real life
  • Access to a social design environment through powerful 3D boards for business intelligence management, simultaneous design and collaboration between all stakeholders and mobile workers
  • World-class 3D modeling and simulation capabilities to optimize the efficiency of each user

Price: Contact for an offer

Part Two

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