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Cookie cutters for Valentine’s Day

Choose from our quality Valentine’s Day cake cutters, with the help of which you will quickly and easily create a mood for Valentine’s Day. Made on a 3D printer, they are extremely precise and will never disappoint.
They will be very useful in the preparations for the holiday of love to enchant your valentine with your culinary skills.
Preparing for the holiday is combined with a lot of joy and excitement, but to do it perfectly, you need quality accessories that can make it easier for you. Our 3D cake cutters are exactly what you need. After use, they are easy to store because they do not take up space.
They will be useful for you on any occasion and holiday, on any special days throughout the year.

Create a magical evening, feel the aroma of love!

Cleaning: This cookie cutter is 3D printed with PLA, safe to eat. Due to the nature of PLA, this cookie cutter is WASHED ONLY BY HAND. Do not use hot water for washing, do not soak it or use it to cut hot cookie dough. Avoid any contact with heat. Do not put in the dishwasher.
PLA cookie cutters can be damaged if not stored properly.

Cutting tips: When cutting, move your cutter for best results. Use flour so that the dough does not stick to the knife, or cornstarch if it is cut into fondant. If you are cutting cookie dough, we recommend that it is cold.

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