High performance castable resin for 3D LCD and DLP printers (FEP / TEFLON resin tank needed).

The special formulation of this resin makes it the bestone solution for professional users. Very high details and reliable casting results are the main features of this product.


First 10 layers: 60 seconds

Next Layer: 8/13 seconds related to the size of objects.


  • Minimal residue after burnout process (0.003%)
  • Low-exhaust emission during the burnout process
  • Virtually no expansion of resin during burnout process
  • Extreme castability
  • Ultra-fast burnout cycle available (1 hour)
  • Compatible with all investments (Tested with Kerr® Satincast, R&R PlastiCast, Optima Prestige, Omega Plus)
  • No UV post-curing necessary
  • Washable with 90%/99% denatured alcohol (IPA) or ethyl alcohol 90%/99%
  • Less irritation, free of toxic substances
  • Low deformation post-printing
  • Direct casting of models with no need for lacquer or Teflon® (PTFE) spray
  • Exceptional weldability with wax sprues
  • Exceptional hand workability (UV post-curing needed to harden big models)
  • High definition of details and consistency of surfaces
  • Perfect for Chevalier-style jewelry and micro-signet designs

Two years of testing and development, resulting in a superior product to currently
available resins for the jewelry, dentistry, and other casting

Created for professional use only. Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest or
allow contact with eyes, mouth, and other membranes. Always use proper safety
protection while handling any resin materials.

Although BlueCast resin contains no toxic or irritating substances, care should
always be exercised when working with chemicals. For more information, please
refer to the MSDS from the manufacturer.

BlueCast produces high performance castable resins for the 3d printers and listed technologies:

  • Form 1 / 1+ (specific formulation)
  • Form 2 (specific formulation)
  • Wanaho D7 (specific formulation) – Creation Workshop with BC lcd/dlp profiles for Wanaho D7
  • Asiga
  • Solus
  • Slash
  • B9
  • SLA 3d printers – 405nm violet laser
  • LCD 3d printers – 405 nm UV LED
  • DLP 3d printers – uv projector (tank  with fep or pdms)
  • Детайли

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