Printer Name BIQU-B1
Printing Size 235 x 235 x 270mm
Molding Tech FDM
Nozzle Quantity 1 PCS
Layer Thickness 0.1mm – 0.3mm
Nozzle Diameter Standard 0.4mm
Printing Accuracy ±0.05mm
Filament PLA
Slicing Format STL / OB J/ AMF
Connecting Method Via data cable / TF card / USB
Slicing Compatible With Cura / Repetier-Host / Simplify 3D
Rated Voltage 100 – 120V / 200 – 240V  50 / 60 HZ
Output Voltage 24V
Rated Power 270W
Max Temp of Hot Bed 100℃
Max Temp of Nozzle 260℃
OS Compatible With Win 7 / Win 10
Max Printing Speed 100mm/s
Normal Printing Speed 60mm/s
Language Transform Supported
Resume Printing With resume printing module after power failure
Filament Run Out Detection With filament run out detection module
1. Printing Area: 235 * 235 * 270MM
2.BTT SKR V1.4 32bit Motherboard
3.BIQU SSS (Spring Steel Sheet )
4.Dual Operation System (BTT TFT35 V3.0, marlin & touch work modes)
5.TMC Driver
6.Type C Connect (both sides can be used, more convenient)
7. Adapter Board etc. (Bltouch module interface, BTT Smart Filament Sensor interface etc.(without Bltouch and BTT SFS)
8.Filament Runout Detection
9.Resume Printing

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