M-Jewelry Tech Specs

Dimensions 270×250×480mm
Weight 5kg
Working Volatge 110V-240V
Operating Temperature 18-28 °C
Avoid Direct Sunlight
Build Volume 43×27×130mm (U30)
64×40×130mm (U50)
75x46x130mm (U60)
XY Resolution 33μm (U30)
50μm (U50)
58μm (U60)
Layer Thickness 5-150μm
Technology DLP
Connectivity Wi-Fi,Internet & USB Drive
Light Source Industrial UV-LED Light Engine
Lifespan 50,000Hrs
Touch Screen 4’’
Supported OS Windows,Mac,Linux
Software X-Maker

Small and Exquisite

M-Jewelry is able to meet all of your rigorous demands and
bring your fantastic ideas into reality effortlessly. The little
guy is equipped with powerful functions to streamline your
printing efficiently. Besides, M-Jewelry’s adorable size
makes it fit on any desktop.

Compact size – 270x250x380mm

Exceptional Size for Jewelry

M-Jewelry was born for jewelry industry especially. It perfectly
aligns with the strict requirements of professional jewelry designs.
And the maximum height 130 mm extends its limit in build size.

Build Volume
43x27x130mm (U30)
64×40×130mm (U50)
75x46x130mm (U60)

Ultra High Precision

The ultra high precision ensures its specialization
in jewelry and dentistry. 33 microns is verified to be the best
precision for stable jewelry printing result after our rigorous
and rigid testing. And it produces excellent layer thicknesses from 150
microns all the way down to 5 micron. Undoubtedly, its capacity of
ultra high precision for maverick jewelry and other designs is its
evident feature over other desktop 3D printers.

XY Resolution
33 Microns(U30)
50 Microns(U50)
58 Microns(U60)

Size for Jewelry

A standardized, uniform build volume allows you to streamline
operation of the machine so you can print a highly intricate and
systematic matrix. Synchronous control, multi-machine synchronous
array printing, personal private printing factory effortlessly
established. Thus, you can focus on your design and leave the rest
to M-Jewelry, your perfectly efficient partner.

Ingenious Structural Design

We have worked tirelessly to improve M-Jewelry’s performance
through its ingenious structural design. With one-button and
touch-screen operation, this stand-alone machine do not need
of an additional computer. Wireless connectivity enables you to
remotely monitor your printer, and no more headaches with
tangled cables.

Incredibly High Detail & Smoothness

Multi-Machine Synchronous Printing

Тегло 8 kg
Размери 35 × 35 × 55 cm
M-Jewelry U30, U50, U60

Допълнителна информация

Makex M-Jewelry

U30, U50, U60


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