Dimensions 310×310×450/500mm XL
Weight 19.5kg
Working Volatge 110V-240V
Operating Temperature 18-28 °C
Avoid Direct Sunlight
Build Volume 64×36×115mm(Pro 30)
For Jewelry 96×54×115/165mm(Pro 50)XL
120×68×115/165mm(Pro 60)XL
For Dentistry 80×46×115mm(Pro 40)
135×76×115/165mm(Pro 70)XL
XY Resolution 33μm (Pro 30)
For Jewelry 50μm (Pro 50)
62.5μm (Pro 60)
For Dentistry 42.5μm (Pro 40)
70μm (Pro 70)
Layer Thickness 5-150μm
Technology DLP
Connectivity Wi-Fi,Internet & USB Drive
Light Source Industrial HD UV-LED Light Engine
Lifespan 50,000Hrs
Touch Screen 7’’
Supported OS Windows,Mac,Linux
Software X-Maker

Начало на формуляра

Makex M-One Pro Избиране на възможност 30 40 50 60 70 50XL 60XL 70XL


Край на формуляра

Professional and Powerful

M-One pro series was born for industrial production demand.
Equipped with powerful HD DLP light source, high-end industrial
lead screw to deliver a truly impressive surface finish.Wi-Fi
connectivity and touch screen control make it highly-qualified
with high efficiency.

Multiple Precision for Jewelry

M –one pro Jewelry series are perfect for jewelry production.
With different precision options, you can find the exact one
you need to deliver best-in-class surface finish and high-
efficiency production.

XY Resolution 33/50/60 Microns
Layer thickness 5-150 Microns

Multiple Choices for Dentistry

Extreme accuracy, high throughput and a smooth surface
finish is what M-One pro dental series can do. They deliver
tight fitting crowns, and orthodontic models.

XY Resolution 40/70 Microns
Layer thickness 5-150 Microns

Custom-Built for 3D Printing 405 nm Blue-Violet Light Engine

At the core of each M-One Pro is our patented UV DLP projector, MHD-1.
We created MHD-1 so every M-One Pro could be equipped with a
well-calibrated, long-lasting projector. MHD-1 hits the correct light
wavelength consistently across the build platform for improved
resin-curing control and dimensional stability.

Parts printed with M-One Pro and MHD-1 are exceptionally detailed and
precise, with dimensional accuracy of +/- 50 microns.

Multi-Machine Synchronous Printing

Incredible Highly Detail & Smoothness

Print Fine Details 33-70 Microns X Y Resolution

Тегло 8 kg
Размери 35 × 35 × 55 cm
Makex M-One Pro 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 50XL, 60XL, 70XL

Допълнителна информация

Makex M-One Pro

30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 50XL, 60XL, 70XL


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