Qidi Tech Shadow 5.5S LCD Resin 3D Printer

Main Features:

Qidi Tech Shadow 5.5 S

The Shadow 5.5 S puts conventional FDM printers in the shade with its amazingly high details. Using UV-LCD technology, new possibilities of the highest precision and attention to detail can be realised. This is supported with 8-fold anti-aliasing so that you get even nicer and more uniform models. All of this at an unbeatable price!

UV-LCD technology

Stereolithography (SLA) and digital light processing (DLP) are two traditional resin 3D printing technologies. In SLA, accuracy is constant, but the speed of the operation is inversely proportional to the size of the work area that the model occupies. In DLP, the speed of the operation is constant, but the accuracy decreases as the amount of work area used increases. UV-LCD offers consistently high speed and precision regardless of how much of the work area is used.

Dual-Z-axis linear rail

It reinforces the stability of the Z-axis and contributes to higher details.

Carbon filtration system

Qidi Tech Shadow 5.5 S has a carbon filtration system that effectively reduces odour.

2K LCD screen

With 2K LCD (2560 x 1440) you get breathtaking details and a very high precision of 47 micrometers.

Easy handling

A brand new user interface and a sensitive touchscreen enable very simple operation and an overview of the real-time print status.

ChiTUBox slicer software

The ChiTUBox slicer software is easy to use and operates faster than most conventional software.

Printing Specifications
Resolution 2560*1620
X Y Axis Position Accuracy 0.047mm
Z Axis Position Accuracy 0.00125mm
Print size ( X Y Z ) 115mm(L)*65mm(W)*150mm(H)
Print Speed 20 – 40mm height/h (max)
Layer Resolution 0.01-0.2mm
Mechanical Specifications
Exposure Time 2-15s
Touch Screen 3.5inch
Software Specifications
3D Printing Software ChituBox 64
Supported File Formats stl, .obj, .slc
Operating System Mac OSX / Windows 7 or above
Electrical Specifications
AC Input 12V 5A
Power Requirements 50W
Connectivity (Interface) USB
Shipping specifications
Machine weight 7 kg
Shipping box weight 9.8 kg
Machine Dimensions 245*230*420mm
Shipping box dimensions 315mm * 290mm * 605mm



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