Voxelab Aquila S2 3D Printer Kit

Main Features:

  • Direct Extruder Design: Aquila S2 is equipped with a full metal body for high resistance to pressure. Short-range filament feeding, visible throughout the operation, faster filament feed. Nozzle temperature can reach up to 300℃, and can print flexible filament.
  • PEI Steel Plate + Magnetic Paste + Aluminum-Based Heating Plate:  Flexible PEI steel plate anti-warping, can be bent to take the mold, save time and effort; magnetic sticker magnetic force is strong, non-demagnetization and durable; platform temperature up to 100 ℃.
  • Intelligent Induction & Resume Printing Function: Configured with power failure renewal function, no fear of accidental power failure, avoid printing halfway, no need to start over again, save time and material.
  • Large Print Size 220*220*240mm: Compared to most proximity-fed printers on the market, the Aquila S2 prints in larger sizes to better meet users’ printing needs.



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